Firefighter Cancer Administration Program

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

We understand that questions can arise throughout the registration/application process.

To assist you, we’ve provided answers here for some of the questions we see most often. For additional information or assistance please call (407) 949-3145 or email [email protected].


Do I need to register using my work email?

No, use the email you check most often since that’s where you will receive all notifications. Employment will not be verified by your email address.

-  Employment will not be verified by your email address.

Can I register if I have not been diagnosed with cancer?

No, this program is designed for firefighters that were diagnosed with at least 1 of the 21 covered cancers.

How long will my account stay open?

After the initial registration, your account will remain active for only 2 months if no further action is taken. Once further action is taken, i.e. you have completed the required documentation, your account will remain open. If your account is closed after 2 months for inactivity but you still want to apply for the program you can re-register.

Can I register if I already have a worker’s compensation claim for my cancer?

No, this program is an alternative to worker’s compensation.

If qualified, do I get reimbursed for my cancer related medical expenses even if I don’t have health insurance?

No, we only reimburse co-pays, co-insurance and deductibles.

If qualified, can my health providers submit my bills directly to you?

No, we only reimburse the patient’s co-pay, co-insurance and deductibles, we don’t pay your health providers.

I was a smoker, may I still qualify?

Possibly, if you haven’t been a smoker for at least 5 years.

-  Medical history will be requested for verification.